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Join us as the radical adventure begins and the Wunderground fungi network evolves. First stop, the underground. Mushies are beginning to spore.

The Spores

Be the first to claim a limited tokenized access pass to free gifts, products, and new experiences in celebration & community built around love for mushrooms and their superpowers.

Claim your Spore for immediate access to the Mush Love Community & a chance to win a handful of one-of-a-kind prizes, including a radical, ground-breaking, first ever, never-been-done-before limited edition bag of a magic brew, “Mush Lovers Unite!”, a collaboration with Puff Coffee x Wunderground. Get your hands on this psilocybin-microdose infused coffee along with instant VIP access to an exclusive Mush Lovers Community


Click on the prizes to learn more about what you could win!

coffee prize
Limited edition bag of
Puff Coffee x
infused coffee
(must pick up in
Portland or Seattle)
Crochet Mushies
Mushrooms are for
Lovers hat
tote prize
Mushrooms are for
Lovers bag

mushroom prize
Chain Stitch

bundle prize
Classic Wunder 3 pack coffee sampler
bundle prize
FREE Minted Mushie
NFT Launching Later
This Year

How it Works

Spores are the first tier of the Mush Love Club


 Sign up & follow us on Twitter by October 31st to receive your free Spore NFT


Check your email for instructions on how to claim your Spore


Prize winners are announced on Twitter November 4th


Stay tuned for more on the next phase of the Mush Love Community

About Wunderground

We created Wunderground last year to build coffee 2.0 by adding wellness to the world’s most ritualistic beverage–coffee–and making wellness as easy as drinking your coffee.  The new “normal” of stress and anxiety is taking a toll on all of us.  Wunderground HELPS.  We add super potent extracts of organic adaptogenic mushrooms to geniusly roasted organic coffees.  What the Fungi?  Mushroom coffee??   Yep.  Great thing is that it tastes like the best damn cup of coffee you ever had!).  Magic.

We are launching a NFT because we want to build a community with fellow mushroom lovers to connect over the superpowers of fungi for mind body, and planet.  And work with our community to figure out better ways to manage this mental health crisis we’re all experiencing on some level.

Our commitment for our NFT paid launch will be to donate 10% to efforts to help us improve  mental health.

We’re partnering with our dear pal Duane Sorenson, who recently launched Puff Coffee (hint: he’s the guy behind Stumptown.)
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What's a Spore?

Think of a spore like baby mushrooms. It’s how mushrooms make more mushrooms. We’ve created the SPORE NFT to spread love and positivity and are launching on one of the best days of the year for mushrooms —Oct 15th, National Mushroom Day!!

How do I receive a Spore?

Easy! Enter your email address in the ‘claim my Spore’ section & follow Wunderground on Twitter, where raffle winners will be announced. Once the entry window concludes, you’ll receive an email to claim your spore. Boom, heat, magic.

What's Wunderground?

Wunderground launched in 2021 to bring the vast benefits of adaptogenic mushrooms to the daily ritual of coffee. Voted the best tasting mushroom coffee by Gear Patrol, their adaptogenic beverages can help us balance stress, anxiety and cortisol, improve focus, uplift mood and aid immunity.

What does my spore do? 

Claiming a Spore enters you in a contest to win some seriously cool and unique prizes like a micro-dosed psilocybin coffee, cool Mush Love merch, Wunderground coffees and more! It also gives you early access to our Mush Love Community that’s full of perks, surprises, and global access to experts dedicated to learning, growing, and healing with mushrooms. And it gives you “first dibs” on our paid NFT which will launch later in 2022 of which we’ll give 10% of proceeds to mental health therapies using mushrooms of all kinds.

What can I win?

1. A limited edition bag on Puff Coffee x Wunderground psilocybin-microdose infused coffee* (x10) [Must be picked up in person in Seattle or Portland]
Mush Love Hat (x5)
3. Classic Wunder 3 pack mushroom coffee sampler (x5)
4. Free Mush Lover NFT PAID mint - $300 value (x2)  - Launching Later This Year
5. Exclusive chain stitch patches (x10)

How does this all work? Is this a NFT? 

Yes, this is. However, we’ve designed this program to make it easy for folks of all backgrounds and technical capabilities to collect and be a part of this one of a kind community. WE GROW TOGETHER! You only need to provide your email address to participate and we will create an account (aka wallet) on your behalf to store your Spore

What is a NFT?

NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token. Think of it as a receipt that proves ownership of a digital item (in this case, the digital item is the Spore). This receipt is stored on the blockchain and uniquely tied to you, so nobody else can claim ownership over the same digital item.

What is blockchain technology?

Think of the blockchain as an enormous database that is extremely difficult to modify. This makes it very useful for tracking the movement and ownership of any data or records stored on it.